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11 Supreme Winner English Pool Tables 



MONDAY: 11am - 11:30pm

TUESDAY: 11am - 11:30pm

WEDNESDAY: 11am - 11:30pm

THURSDAY: 11am - Midnight

FRIDAY: 11 am - Midnight

SATURDAY: 11 am - Midnight

SUNDAY: 11 am - 11:30pm

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J'S Sports Bar News

Check out all the amazing things that have happened at J'S Sports Bar!


Read all about the 'A League Of Their Own' Episode filmed at J'S Sports Bar on our very own Table 13!


Or check out 'BREAK' (2020 Film)  available on Amazon Prime. Which includes one of our Sponsored Pros Francesco Merola who plays a gang member alongside Adam Deacon, as well as the main snooker 'stunt' double!


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Oxford United Football Club

J'S Sports Bar also known as 'The 4th Stand' is the Official Home Bar of the OUFC Fans.

Why not join the OUFC Fans and become a season ticket member and support the Oxford boys in the CHAMPIONSHIP!

Check out the OUFC page for more information and match dates!

Events at
J'S Sports Bar

Why not check out what happens at J'S Sports Bar on a weekly basis?


Maybe join one of the J'S Teams at Darts or Pool?


Play a hand or two in Poker, or have a go trying out for either Blackball or International County Pool Teams?

Find out here!


J'S Sports Bar Membership 

At J'S Sports Bar, you don't need a membership to play on any of the English Pool, American Pool or Snooker Tables. 

However, J'S Membership is £30 a year, and you'll get all tables discounted by £2 per hour!

Speak to a member of staff about setting up a membership card the next time you're in!

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